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May 2021

#97: Adulting = More Responsibilities

Hello everyone. Today, we will be taking a look into adulting and how that single concept changes our lives so drastically as we grow up.

Find out in this episode. 

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May 2021

#96: Meeting Up with My Secondary School Teacher 12 Years Later

Welcome folks. Today is an interesting one. Have you met up with any of your favorite teachers from secondary school? Well, today, we will get you thinking about it even more.


May 2021

#95: Will Diversification Lead to Specialization?

Welcome folks and we will be giving an update on the specialization vs diversification theme. 

Here are the links to the specialization vs diversification episodes:

#73: Specialization vs Diversification:

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May 2021

#94: Bole n Stew

Just thought I should introduce you to the whole world of bole n stew. If you are already in on this top-flight secret, I will be breaking down some geographical differences in the preparation of bole and stew. You don't want to miss it. 

Share with a friend and let's raise some appetites for a well-loved local delicacy.  

Apr 2021

#93: My Life in Nigeria

Welcome back to the double-A K podcast. Today, I will be giving an insight into my life in Nigeria. Can you relate to this episode? If so please find a way to leave me a message.


Apr 2021

#92: Behind the Scenes

Welcome back to the double A K podcast. Today, we will be taking a behind-the-scenes look into the podcast and everything related to our show. We need to grow this community so please text a friend and try to convince them to listen to an episode. The link is right here:


Apr 2021

#91: My Podcast Recommendations

Welcome and today we will be highlighting some new podcasts that might interest you. Please check them out, support them and send them a message of encouragement. It is not easy to be a content creator and sharing some love with them is really helpful in the long run. 

The Nigerian Detailist Podcast

Young East African Girl Podcast


Apr 2021

#90: The European Super League Reaction

Hello. Welcome back. As you might know, football is a big part of our lives and a new update has just been released about the new European competition. After this episode, you will get a better understanding of what exactly is going on. 

Here is a link to the complete video episode:


Apr 2021

#89: NYSC Series: Why are You Serving? (an Interview)

Here is the complete interview with Meibaka from the previous episode.

Talking about the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and the transition from the United States to Nigeria.


Apr 2021

#88: National Youth Service Corps Verification Process

Hello all. Ever wondered what the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) application /verification process is like? This is a guide for all those Nigerians interested in serving the country after graduation. If you want to work in Nigeria, you need to serve after you finish your degree. 

At the end of this episode, you will be more enlightened about the NYSC process and have actionable points to follow in your very own verification process.

Note, if you are not interested in serving but are just curious, sit back, relax and enjoy this episode. Take care.  

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